We accelerate uncommon ideas from concept to product to profit.
Guide to our services
We help organizations of all sizes identify and prioritize attractive opportunities for product investment.
Transforming a good idea into a beautiful product is a daunting task. We help bring your idea to life quickly, using agile product development methods.
Building something people love is only half the battle. We help you grow your product into a sustainable business with pricing, marketing and operations strategies.
About Us
Gray Duck Labs was hatched as a place to test, nurture and accelerate unique product concepts. When not busy building awesome things, we help other product teams of all sizes move to their next stage.

Charles Worthington is the Principal + Founder of Gray Duck Labs. He is an expert in product design, development and management.

Previously, Charles helped Fortune 500 companies adapt to disruptive web and mobile technologies. He created Gray Duck Labs because disrupting is more fun than adapting.

Projects in the Nest
Preamp.fm Logo
The best way to discover live music in your city. In Washington D.C. now, more cities soon.
Simply3 Logo
A concept for a web service that simplifies shopping decisions into three great choices.
VenueScout Logo
A stealth web platform and mobile app SDK for enabling indoor location and passive presence solutions for the retail and hospitality industry.
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Gray Duck Labs works with product teams of all sizes. Contact Us and let’s work together!
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We help move product teams of all sizes to their next stage. We are always interested in new challenges. Email Us to see how we can work together.

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Gray Duck Labs operates from Washington, D.C.

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